Tips to Avoid Your Overstay Fine in UAE

Overstaying in a country like UAE where the laws are unusual and very strict leads to fine and other severe consequences. To the four categories of these overstaying individuals, we are trying to show a path to change their status in UAE. For the persons who are staying illegally without a passport, for the persons who have pending bank loans, for the couple with a child born out of a marriage and also for the escapee who is seeking amnesty.

People overstaying without a passport

Whether an individual lost his passport or kept it as a hostage to get some credit from any bank, whatever the reason may be an individual residing in the country without a passport is against to the law of UAE. In order to make their stay in the country legally, the individuals should renew their passport at first and they can then apply to regularize their visa.

For the renewal of the passport, they have to approach their respective consulate or embassy and apply to process the passport renewal. Once they done with the passport, then they have to submit an application for a new visa at Amer centres by paying an amount of Dh500 in order to get the new sponsor for regularizing the visa. Persons who are not having a passport and staying illegally in the country must approach their respective consulate or embassy and apply for an out pass. The individuals with an out pass can then approach Awir immigration in order to get an exit permit without a ban. This exit permit costs around Dh220, the exit permit allows the person to leave the country within 10 days from the date of issuance of the permit.

The persons with pending bank loans

For the persons or individuals residing in UAE, who are having criminal cases imposed on them by any financial institutions like banks or by any individual parties must get the credit waiver certificate. These individuals can submit this letter of certifying the loan waiver to the public court. On the consideration of the letter from the creditors, the general court or the public prosecution will allow those individuals to collect their passports from judicial custody (police stations or court).

With the passport in the hand, the individuals, who are residing in the country illegally can reach out to their respective consulate or embassy at first and then to the Amnesty center next for the completion of the final formalities to leave the country.

The couple having a child out of marriage

In the case of the couple who is staying illegally in the country and got a child recently, the first and the foremost thing to deal with is the child’s status of legality in the country. As the parents do not have any legal documents to prove their status in the country, their child will not exist. If the parents of the child both belong to one country, then they have to provide proof of their marriage from their home country, thus their child can get the legal status in the country. If the parents fail to submit such proof from their home country, then it comes under the violation of the UAE law and they can get punished for their criminal activity. In this case, the parents will get be served with the punishment at first, after that along with the child they will get deported from the country.

On humanitarian grounds, the UAE government provides some flexibility to special people, like women, children, sick people and older people. This case also falls under the same category if the parents are legally bound by marriage and able to provide the proof of it, but residing in the country illegally. In that case, they can apply to get the benefits of the Amnesty program.

An escapee who is facing absconding cases

An escapee who is facing absconding cases by organizations like corporate companies also can avail the amnesty depending on the type of the absconding case. There are three types of absconding cases are being filed against individuals in general. They are, the case filed by the corporate sponsoring companies in which the absconders worked and suddenly escaped, the case filed against a person whose visa got expired but still residing in the country after 30 days of visa expiration and he case filed against tourists who got sponsored by travel agencies or staying on visa-on-arrival for overstaying in the country.

To get rid-off such kind of absconding cases/reports, the individuals can approach immigration and pay an amount of Dh500. With this payment, the immigration will remove those absconding cases against them and provide them with the exit permit without the ban. For the tourists on visa-on-arrival who are overstaying in the country can have their overstaying fine waived with this procedure.

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