Steps to Calculate UAE Overstay Fine Online

Calculate Overstay Fine in UAE

If you stay in UAE even after your visa gets expired then the UAE government will levy you overstay fine for each and every day of overstaying in their country. From this article, you gonna learn how much will it cost for your overstay, how to calculate overstay fine and how to pay fine. Keep in mind that the fine amount will differ according to your visa plan.

Types of  Emirates ID / ICA overstay fine in UAE:

UAE consists of seven emirates. While coming to overstay fine the fee will differ among the emirates. In UAE the tourist or visitor visa overstay will differ compared to the residential visa. Those difference in overstay fine fee is clearly mentioned in the list which announced by the ministry of the interior (in the Arabic language).

Emirates ID / ICA Overstay fine for Tourist or visitors:

If you are a tourist/visitor visa holder then you are allowed to have a grace time for 10 days. You have to exit or renew your visa within ten days otherwise you will be fined on the daily basis.

  • Initially, you will be fined AED 200 for the very first day after your grace time ends.
  • For each consecutive days, you have to pay AED 100
  • Also as a one-time service fee, you have to pay AED 100.

Overstay visa fine for UAE residents:

If you are a UAE resident, then you are supposed to have a grace period of 30 days after your visa gets expired. You need to renew your visa or else you can exit the country within this 30 days of the grace period. No fine will be charged during this grace period. After the 30 days of the grace period, you may tend to pay fine on the daily basis.

  • AED 125 for the first day of overstay in UAE,
  • AED 25 for each subsequent day,
  • AED 50 per day after six months of overstaying,
  • AED 100 per day after 12 months of overstaying.

However, if you are from the employment visa and the visa got expired or delayed to renew then the fine amount will be paid by your company at the immigration office.

Overstay is always dangerous:

Overstay in UAE is not only subjected to pay fine but also cause many penalties. If you are not able to settle the overstaying fine fee then any or all of the following things could happen.

  • Your name will be in the blacklist,
  • You may face an immigration ban,
  • You could go to jail for approximately 3 months.
  • You may be issued a deportation order.

Meanwhile overstaying in UAE is not a criminal offence whereas it is a criminal offence in UK like other countries.

Steps to calculate UAE overstay fine via online:

To calculate the overstay fine via online you need to visit the link mentioned below along that you require resident visa copy/file number and your date of birth.


Step 01: Visit the above website it will lead you to the ICA official website’s home page. Now search for public service tab under the icon which consists of four collective horizontal lines.

Step 02: After entering into the public service tab you have to click the “start service” button that exactly lies below “FINES-PAY FINES – VIOLATIONS OF ENTRY PERMISSIONS OR RESIDENCES-PAY NEW FINE” option.

Step 03: Once after finishing the previous procedures, you are allowed to fill three more steps. You have to type your visa file number, department number, year in which your visa got printed, serial number and sequence number (7 digit), your date of birth and enter the captcha code correctly (to prove that you are not a robot) and finally click on the search button.

Step 04: If the entered above information is right then you can able to see your overstay fine amount calculated along with how many days you have been overstaying in UAE.

Where to pay the overstay fine:

The overstayed fine amount will be paid at any one of the entry ports, immigration office, Amer office or at any typing centres. If you are willing to stay some more days in UAE and opting for an extension, the tourist company will make the payment for you.

  • ENTRY PORTS: Most of the visitors pay their overstay fine at the entry ports like AIRPORT, LAND BORDER, SEA PORTS in any of the seven emirates.

In order to save time, you can pay or settle the visa overstay fine through any of this nearby centres.

If you want to pay to overstay fine through online, complete all the steps after visiting the “” link. In the personal information tab, you can able to see “sponsored relation with sponsor” column, in that you have click your relation from the drop-down menu and click next.

Next page asks for your phone number(which is linked with your bank account) to send OTP for verification and submit your request.

Once everything is done successfully you may receive a SMS and email confirmation with the receipt as “your overstay fine is paid”

  • EXTENTION:30 days or 90 days on arrival visa holders, prepaid visa holders or Mexicans are eligible to extend their visa via local tourism firm.

Fines during a pandemic situation:

The federal authority for identity and citizenship announced that any UAE visit visa holder waiting for the extension for the individual unable to leave UAE due to airport closures and flight cancellation there won’t be any overstaying fine charged towards the expired visit visa holder.

In case of extension of tourist visa despite exit, you need to pay AED 2300 for 90 days and for 30 days you have to pay AED 1900.

The resident visa holder needs to exit UAE after 30 days of the grace period or need to change their status as a tourist visa, after this pandemic situation controls and it cost nearly AED 1400 for 30 days and AED 1800 for 90 days of stay.

Online overstay fine service charge’s:

  • 52 AED is the total fee to clear fines,
  • 4 AED is the e-service fee,
  • 22 AED is the fee paid to ICA.

In case of rejection due to some wrong information entered, the total fee to clear fund 52 AED will not be refunded.

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