Revamping the Islamic Law in UAE

There are certain things that are consider as illegal in UAE but

legal in other countries and some of them are,

  • Importing pork products and pornography are consider as illegal,
  • Zero tolerance for drug(even death penalty may occur or minimum 4years jail penalty),
  • The products that contain CBD(cannabidiol) oil is illegal,
  • Drinking Alcohol is illegal in Sharjah
  • Cross dressing is illegal,
  • Live in together is illegal,
  • LGBT community is illegal.


“one of the biggest overhauls of the legal system in years”- is the statement given by a government linked newspaper “THE NATIONAL” from Abu Dhabi. There are sis amendments that are approved by “SHEIK KHALIFA BIN ZAYED AL NAHYAN”, the president of UAE.


However in previous, committing suicide is illegal and punishable with unspecified jail sentence. The new law suggest that any person who’s committing an act out of good intention that may end up in hurting that person will not be punished.

TANYA DHARAMSHI, clinical director and counselling psychologist at priory well being centre, dubai said that Generally the men are psychologically weaker than the women and this rate increased during this self quarantine and covid-19 pandemic situation. So the suicide rate will automatically increases.

The UAE national programme for happiness and well being introduced a mental health helpline during pandemic and they had received nearly 740 calls in just four months from the month may. From this we come to know that the suicide is not illegal anymore.


In previous, if a couple wanna get divorce in UAE then the law of their home country will applied or if the couple have different passport, then the citizenship of the husband would be applied and suppose that country is not taking responsibility then the islamic law, sharia was applied.

According to the new amendment, if a non muslim couple wanna get divorce in UAE then the personal status law of the country where they got married will be applied. Sharia will applied rarely for non muslims.

Muslim couple had sharia to division of assets, support payment requirements and child custody agreements.Where personal status law was first amended in 1987.

Since 2017 a non muslim expatriates can register a will at emirate’s judicial department in Abu dhabi, before that the non muslim expatriates registered their wills in UAE court.

Inheritance under sharia is complicated, it completely depend upon the number of legal heirs. Accorging to sharia females are given less shares compared to men.


In previous, there are soo many honor crimes but now under the guise of “protecting honour”, lighter sentence for criminals who assaulting a female. No longer honour crimes. The street harassment and stalking is also a crime.

The toughest laws are implemented to avoid crimes that harms the females. The fine is also increased upto dh100,000 which was dh10,000 earlier.


The legal age for drinking alcohol is 18 in Abu dhabi but the ministry of tourism provided alcohol only under the age of 21. Then the legal age for drinking is 21 except sharjah because drinking is illegal in sharjah.

For muslims drinking alcohol is sin and for non muslims, they have get permission and have to drink only in the authorized places. Drinking or selling alcohol in alcohol authorized place with licence is not punishable. If you are not having alcohol licence then the person who selling or drinking alcohol are punished.

But from now if you buy or sell alcohol in alcohol authorized places without alcohol licence, it is not punishable.


In previous, the live in relationship is not welcomed in UAE.

LGBT community is banned here and homosexual/consensual activities are punishable.

According to new amendment live in relationship is acceptable for non muslims. It became legal. Consensual  sex is legal and not punishable unless or until it happened to a 14 years below child and for mentally challenged person.The tourist can live with opposite gender in a same room before marriage, which is not punishable.


In-case of any officers/person got arrested by UAE government, it is mandatory to have a translator when the defender or witness could not able to speak in Arabic. This amendment to penal procedural law is very useful for our Indians.

Amendment in privacy law is, the cases related to indecent acts will have to protect and cannot be publicly disclosed.


All these amendments are revamped,

  • to improve the standard of living
  • To ensure that the UAE remains “a destination for fpreign direct investment”.
  • To improve the rate of GDP from tourism.
  • To show that UAE is tourist friendly country.

Finally all this amendments are approved my the UAE president “sheikh khalifa bin zayed al nahyan”.

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