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Citizenship to Expats: UAE announced new amendment

On Saturday in a rare move for the Gulf program, The Dubai Government had announced a new amendment to the citizenship law in which the government included a new path for the select foreigners to get the country’s citizenship where the status and its welfare are protected very carefully. The Dubai ruler His Highness Sheikh […]


Filipino’s Flying Home Can Now opt for Dh 300 Covid Test to avoid getting in delayed reports.

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are eligible for a free mandatory Covid-19 screening test. Due to the delayed process, thousands of outlanders are deserted in hotels. With an option of paying Php4,000 (around Php303) the outlanders from Filipino will get their test results in two days without being struck in Manila. The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) […]

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You Should Know this Before You Open Bank Account in UAE | All UAE Bank’s Opening Fee and Benefits Here!

UAE Central Bank regulates the primary financial authority of UAE, so twenty-three local banks and twenty-six foreign ones are authorized banks in UAE. It has five of the biggest banks is accounting for 60% of the sector assets. UAE owes eight full-fledged Islamic banks and twenty-three banks with Islamic windows setup. These are the conventional […]