Dubai: Adrenaline & Insane Activities You Should Try Once in Your Lifetime!

Whether you are looking for holiday spots to enjoy your leisure time or you are on a vacation in Dubai and searching for places to get entertained by some adventurous acts in the city, here are some of such exciting and mesmerizing things to do in Dubai. All the activities listed below are safe and will take all the necessary precautions as their first and foremost priority is your safety.

Indoor skiing

On the ground floor of the mall of Emirates you can experience the wonderful winter climate with snow under your feet in a freezing -2°C.

Here skiing is the favorite sport of many visitors. If you also love to play this sport, go and enjoy this winter wonderland with alpine activities like penguin encounters and bobsleds.

No matter whether you are a beginner or have experienced skiing already, an instructor who monitors your activity will always be there to make sure you are enjoying your sport.

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Skydiving over Palm Jumeirah

As you already know about Palm Jumeirah the eighth wonder in the world and completely manmade Island but it is also the best spot in the world for skydivers.

It is a very popular destination for skydiving in the city, so you have to book for a place in the skies at least one month prior to the day of adventure.

It costs you up to AED2200, and it will remain open from morning to the evening(timings may vary).

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Air balloon ride

How it would feel, if you are watching a majestic falcon show flying high in the sky on an air balloon early in the morning while the sun is rising up calm and peaceful.

On any auspicious day whether it is your marriage day or your partner’s birthday make the morning of the day epic with a hot air balloon ride in Dubai.

Don’t be afraid if you are new to it or have the fear of heights because it is a complete safe and fun ride with all the precautions taken by the authorities that are necessary.

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Roller coaster (The World’s fastest)

Buckle up to experience the speediest roller coaster ride at Ferrari world in Abu Dhabi, if you are a rider and also a speed lover.

The ride reaches its top speed of 240 km/h within 4.9 seconds of its start. Due to its high speed all the riders must wear safety glasses and also there will be few sign and warning boards to educate the riders.

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The scariest water slide

This is a water slide but not an ordinary one, because the ride into a clear and transparent tube which surpasses through a lagoon full of dangerous sharks.

It would be a horrifying yet an unforgettable and most enjoyable experience if you are a person of being adventurous sometimes.

The very first slide of falling vertically into the tube itself pumps up your blood and raises you heart beat, and the ride of adventure begins. This water slide is in Wild wadi, Dubai.

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Indoor skydiving

If you really love skydiving and afraid to try the real skydiving out there, then you don’t need to be disappointed because you have another option of Indoor skydiving at iFly Dubai.

You will be under the observation of experienced trainers and instructors with all the necessary safety precautions taken.

You will get the actual flight experience with more time than the real skydiving and for a very little cost comparatively.

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Flight simulator

Don’t you feel thrilled if you are in the cockpit of an aircraft and controlling it by taking off into the sky, flying around the sky and landing it on your own? Of Course a n average citizen will definitely get excited by it.

Go through once in a lifetime experience of flying an aircraft just like a professional pilot, this is possible in Dubai with the award winning airbus 320 flight simulator at Pier 7 Aviation. You can choose the time of flying, there are three options of duration available to choose with a 10 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutes of flying time.

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Zipline in Dubai Marina

If you want to go ziplining on a holiday occasion it is preferred to go to Dubai Marina because it is the world’s longest and fastest urban Zipline.

With an average of 80 km/h speed, you can enjoy the view around the Marina flying over the ferries and the structures on the beachside.

The operators here are the world-class certified and qualified personnel taking all the necessary precautions to make sure of your safety.

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If you want to play and enjoy the hottest water sports on the beaches of Dubai, then you can choose flyboard which is an absolutely adrenaline-fuelled adventurous sport.

You can jump in the air using high-speed water jets up to 14 meters and play on the water like a kid. To go for this adventurous yet safer water sport you don’t need any experience.

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Seaplane flight

Flying on a seaplane and enjoying the city with a closer view is an amazing experience. You enjoy and remember this ride the most when you experience it for the first time.

Seeing the iconic buildings and designs of Dubai city from a top view will definitely become a true definition of exploring the city. Especially when you fly on a seaplane over landmarks like Burj Khalifa and Palm shaped man made Island in Dubai.

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Water Jetpack

It is always fun, a little adventurous but mostly safe to participate in aquatic sports. Jetpack water sport is also one of those fun filled sports in Dubai.

In Jumeirah beach (JBR) you can experience this famous Jetpack hydro sport. This 30 minutes ride will mesmerize you by making you fly on your own.

A professional instructor will guide you and monitor your ride, so don’t worry about your safety just go and enjoy the sport.



Jetovator is also a water sport and using this you can experience riding a bike on the sea water. How to ride and handle these Jetovators will be explained by the instructors just before you go for the ride, this ride will last for 30 minutes.

You can enjoy this ride with a few adventurous tricks that can be performed under the observation of the instructor.



This is a kind of boating with an experienced, professional captain along with you to drive the boat. You as a passenger enjoy the ride as the ride goes through the water with a very intense and high speed.

These seabreachers are available in different styles and models, one can pick them according to their taste.

The seabreachers can dive into the water and also can jump into the air with a maximum speed of 60km/h and you will have a 360 degree view from inside. Also it rolls in the water, and breaches just like a whale in the sea.


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