Avoid These Offences in Dubai, UAE | Don’t do’s in Dubai, UAE

There is no exaggeration in projecting Dubai as one of the top tourist destinations in the world, and as the surrounding curiosity is increasing now and then among the people. Whether it is a tourist or business Traveller, one must explore the city for its grandeur.

Despite having strict and unusual laws the attraction in tourists towards this populous city is increasing day by day, millions of tourists around the world are visiting every year.

The Dubai tourism department is expecting 20 million travellers to visit the city per year in the coming year.

As the number of leisure travellers increases, the arrests of such people also getting increased. They are getting arrested by Dubai police for their unlawful activities. Most of them are ignorant of Dubai laws, so they committing mistakes.

If you’re one of those tourists who are planning to visit this magnificent city, you must know a few things which are prohibited by United Arab Emirates law.

Here we are providing don’t do’s in Emirates Dubai.

Vulgar language and rude behaviour in public

Exhibiting anger with vulgar language and rude gesture is considered as offensive behaviour in Dubai. Thousands of people, including Dubai residents are getting arrested for their rude attitude in arguments with common citizens and with the traffic officials as well. There is a definite chance to get deported if the words used in the argument or the bodily gestures are at an extreme level.

Intimate behaviour with your boy/girlfriend in public places

Tourists who came along with their unmarried partner must behave themselves in Dubai because unmarried relationships are considered as extra-marital affairs according to UAE law. They are not even allowed to stay in a single room.

Having an unmarried roommate of opposite gender in a Hotel

According to UAE law, two unmarried persons of the opposite gender are not allowed to stay in the same room in Dubai hotels. Even though you can manage it with the help of hotel staff or without informing them about your marital status, taking the risk of defying the Dubai laws will make your trip worst if you get caught by the officials, so it is not suggestible. So many examples out there that ruined their travelling experience with such contemptuous activity.

Having alcohol at public places or in other places which have prohibited it

It is common to drink alcohol to get relaxation and to boost your mood, but in Dubai, you must buy the alcohol at licensed Dubai restaurants and have it in private.  You will get be jailed if you get caught with alcohol that was bought at an un-licensed place or with drinking alcohol publicly.

So these are the two rules that you have to follow if you want to have alcohol in Dubai

  1. Buying at licensed bars
  2. Drinking at a private place

Dancing in public

Dubai never entertains the people who want to showcase their dancing skills in public places. Dancing in public is considered as an offence in Dubai because the Dubai government treats it as a disturbance to the other citizens. So whoever attempts to dance at public places will get be arrested for nuisance creation. For Dancing and other entertainment Dubai permitted night and dance clubs, one can have fun there.

Accusation of rape

The laws in Dubai are very strict at rape cases or the accusation of rape. For this offence, you will be jailed. Sometimes you may get deported from the country permanently. The officials arrest the victim also because the law considers the victim as he/she engaged in an extra-marital affair. Such kind of offences will cause very serious damage to your life.

Using drugs or accused of importing/selling drugs

Any relation to illegal drugs in Dubai may cause life-ending damage to an individual. No matter whether you consume or simply carry or try to import any small amount of illegal drugs, you will be jailed for a minimum of 4 years time in the least case scenario. There are higher chances to receive the death penalty as a punishment for such kind of trafficking.

Charity promotions on any social media platform

In Dubai without the government concern, no promotional posts regarding any kind of charity on social media platforms are allowed. In the past, Dubai has witnessed the deportation of many residents just because of this offence, for posting charity related promotions through their social media accounts.

Posting against Dubai government on social media

People whoever post against UAE government with an intention of defaming it on social media will get a punishment of imprisonment or they will be fined with a considerable amount.

Protesting in public

Protesting against the government in UAE is not allowed and gathering a large number of people to express dissatisfaction against the government or against the royal families is considered as an offence and the one who got involved in such kind of offences will definitely get arrested and will be jailed. In the worst-case scenario, one might get be deported from the country.


Dressing inappropriately

If you are a woman and planning to visit Dubai you must carry dresses that fully cover your body. Skin show in public is not allowed especially for a woman. Wearing short, tight, skimpy clothes is not allowed in Dubai. Woman with flashing chest, legs in public areas like malls, markets, beaches, theatres, mosques, etc. will be fined for wearing indecent clothes.

Taking photographs without permission

You should not take photographs of strangers without their permission because the Dubai government’s priority is for the safety and privacy of its citizens. Disrupting others privacy or safety is offensive, especially if they are women and children the government doesn’t tolerate it.

Carrying medicines

The Dubai government imposes strict rules about carrying medicines into the country. The government will not permit all kinds of medicines to take along with you so, check UAE’s official website before you pack your medicines. There the officials mentioned a list of medicines which are allowed, which are not allowed.

Eating in public during Ramadan season

In the holy month of Ramadan, it is prohibited to eat, drink food and smoke in the public places during the day time (between morning and evening). This is not applicable for hotels and restaurants in which the customers are not exposed out openly.

Greeting or eating with the left hand

It doesn’t matter how clean your left hand, you better to avoid using it while eating, greeting, and even to open the door because, in Dubai, the people consider the left hand unclean. You shouldn’t hand over anything, especially food items to someone who is local with the left hand.
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