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Tips to Avoid Your Overstay Fine in UAE

Overstaying in a country like UAE where the laws are unusual and very strict leads to fine and other severe consequences. To the four categories of these overstaying individuals, we are trying to show a path to change their status in UAE. For the persons who are staying illegally without a passport, for the persons […]

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Usage of VPNs in UAE

Usage of VPNs in the UAE These days VPNs are used by everyone either for business or personal purposes. To use or visit websites which are restricted or banned, to hide an individual’s IP address as a privacy protector this VPN became the best option. Business houses are using these VPNs to process data transmission, […]

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Split Legal Regime in India’s Labour Laws

Labour law or Employment law states how the relationship should be between the worker and the working organization. It consists of all the rights of labour who are working under an individual or under an employing entity. In India labour law regulation acts were introduced at the time of British colonial rule. The acts which […]