A Complete Guide to Participate in Big Ticket Abu Dhabi

These days everybody knows and talks about UAE’s most popular monthly raffle draw of cash prizes and luxury cars. There are so many doubts around it, such as where to buy the ticket, how to buy it, whether one can choose his ticket number or not.

Today we decided to provide complete details about this popular raffle draw to clear all your doubts.

When it was started?

The Big Ticket raffle draw initially started in 1992 with a prize money of about Dh1 million, but now it raised the amount to Dh20 million. There is also a draw to win World famous car models, in the coming draw in January BMW and a Land Rover are on offer.

Conducted by whom?

The raffle draw is conducted by Richard, who came to Dubai two decades ago. He has been conducting the draw since 2006. The Abu Dhabi International Airport in its Terminal1 at the arrival lobby holds the live draw on the first week of every month.

How do the winners get chosen?

Out of all the tickets that were sold a total 10 tickets will be drawn, starting from the smaller prizes of Dh10, 000 to the highest prize.

Record as a Retail Area Manager, Abu Dhabi Duty free, draws a few tickets randomly and asks a member of the audience to pick one of them. He finally declares the winners and uploads their details on the official website of the Big Ticket. You can watch the live stream on The Big Ticket’s Abu Dhabi official Facebook page or you can visit the location at The Abu Dhabi Airport for live action.

What is the cost of the tickets?

As we already discussed, there you have two kinds of tickets. One is for the Cash prize and another one is for the Dream Car prize.

The cost of one cash prize ticket is Dh500, and if you buy two cash prize tickets, then you can get one free ticket which automatically gets loaded in the system while you are buying tickets online. You have to buy these two tickets in a single transaction in order to get the free ticket.

The cost of one Dream car ticket is Dh150. The ticket promotions will be going on from the very first to the last day of the month. If any technical error occurs while buying the tickets online, then the money will be refunded to you once the draw is over.

Where to buy the tickets?

It is always the best option to buy tickets online at The Big Ticket’s website. The tickets will be available 24/7 on the site.

However, you want to go in person to get your tickets, then go to any of the locations listed below.

  • Arrivals Hall, Abu Dhabi International Airport, Between Du and Travelex
  • Terminal 1 Departures Tunnel, Abu Dhabi International Airport
  • Terminal 1A Departures Duty-Free, Abu Dhabi International Airport
  • Terminal 1 Arrivals Duty-Free, Abu Dhabi International Airport
  • Terminal 2 Landside Area (Next to Relay, Abu Dhabi International Airport
  • Terminal 2 Departures Duty-Free, Abu Dhabi International Airport
  • Terminal 2 Arrivals Duty-Free, Abu Dhabi International Airport
  • Terminal 3 Departures (Gate 28), Abu Dhabi International Airport
  • Al-Ain Airport Landside Area (Next to Relay)
  • Al-Ain Airport Departures Duty-free

Guide to buy tickets online using www.bigticket.com

  1. Click on the web address mentioned above and visit the Big Ticket website.
  2. Click the SIGN IN/REGISTER on the top right and choose ‘Register now’ to create a new account or enter the login credentials if you already have an account.
  3. Authenticate your new account with your email or phone number, if it is done the new account would be created. Now log in to the account.
  4. Proceed by entering into the draw. Prefer the required options: January options include the following: The Big Ticket Raffle, which is now Dh20 million for January; Dream Car BMW; Dream Car Land Rover.
  5. After selecting the preferred raffle prize, choose the raffle number of your choice. Here, you have choices in choosing the raffle number with different options like previous winner’s ticket or by date of birth, odd, even etc. Maximum 10 tickets allowed to buy on a single transaction.
  6. With selecting the raffle number you will be directed to a checkout option, by clicking on it you are confirming your selection of tickets. Your address and contact information will be in ticket information. You can update your details if any need.
  7. On agreeing the terms and conditions, you will be redirected to the payment gateway. By choosing any of the two options consisting of American Express card and Master cards, you can complete the payment.

On successful payment, you receive an email immediately, which consists of the confirmation of your purchase along with the e-ticket.

For the cash prize the draw is conducted every month irrespective of the number of tickets that have sold. It takes place within the first week of the month and the last date to buy the tickets would be the day on which the month ends.

Based on the quota of the tickets that have sold, before the selection of winning tickets the Dream car draws will be operated.

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