Sharjah Police launch e-scheme to reduce traffic points

Programme consists of lectures to facilitate procedures and cut time and effort for auditors.

Sharjah motorists can now avail of awareness lectures remotely to reduce black points on their driving licences, the police have announced.

Brig-General Dr Ahmed Saeed Al Naour, Director-General of Central Operations, said the police have teamed up with the Sharjah Driving Institute to launch the electronic version of the Traffic Points Reduction Programme on the Sharjah Police website.

Brig-Gen Al Naour said the remote lectures on the police website will “re-qualify” drivers by “giving them more knowledge about the rules and regulation of roads in the UAE”.

The officer stressed the police’s keenness to develop its digital offerings “to make roads safer and achieve the highest levels of traffic safety for all road users”.

Points system explained

The UAE has a traffic points system for offences, where traffic violations are punishable with fines and black points. When a licence acquires 24 black points, it can get suspended temporarily.

The Traffic Points Reduction Programme lets motorists avail of awareness classes in exchange for reduction of a maximum of eight traffic points per year.


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