Last day for expired UAE visit visas: How you can change your status to stay on

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If you are in the UAE on an expired visit visa and have been unable to leave the country so far, it is critical to ensure that you change your status and legalise your stay in the UAE.The deadline for expired visit visa holders will end on September 11. Read the announcement here: Image Credit: Gulf News
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The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship extended the deadline for holders of expired entry permits and visas, urging them to leave the country by September 11You can leave the UAE by September 11, without paying any fines. Image Credit:

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without paying any fines or facing any restrictions on returning to the UAE in the future.Image Credit: Gulf News

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However, if you are still in the UAE, you have two options available to change the status of your expired visit visaIf you are unable to leave the UAE, you have two options for changing status. Image Credit: Gulf News

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1. Getting an employment or residence visa – this is only possible if you have secured a job or your spouse or parent is on a UAE residence visa. 2. Applying for another visit visa.You would need to apply for an employment or residence visa or another visit visa. Image Credit: Gulf News

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Change status fee Regardless of the option you choose, you would need to pay a ‘change status fee’, according to Moosa Bin Ali Dayani, a public relations manager based in Dubai. You would also need to pay change status fee. Image Credit: Gulf News

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This is because you would not be leaving the UAE and re-entering on a new entry permit. In such cases, a ‘change status’ fee is charged.The fee is implemented as you are not exiting the UAE and re-entering. Image Credit: Gulf News

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“Normally, we do a change status by issuing employment visa or residence visa. You can also apply for another visit visa, depending on whether you want a one-month and three-month visa,” he said.Image Credit: Gulf News

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Visit visa cost One-month visa –Dh330 Three-month visa –Dh1,000 “The tourist agency where you apply for the visa may also ask for some service charge,” Dayani added.Visit visa costs Image Credit: Gulf News

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Which documents do I need to provide? Applicants simply need to provide a passport copy, where the passport should be valid for at least six months and ideally up to a year.Documents required for applying for UAE visit visa. Find out more about late payment fines: Image Credit: Gulf News


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