Indian expat from Sharjah wins Dh10 million in Big Ticket raffle draw

Abu Dhabi: Dubai resident Gurpreet Singh, who hails from India, won Dh10 million in the Big Ticket Abu Dhabi raffle announced on Thursday.

His winning ticket 067757 was bought on August 12.

Speaking to Gulf News over the phone, Singh could not contain his excitement.

A resident of UAE since 30 years, he said he came to the country as a five-year-old child with his parents.

“This land has given me everything. And now to win this mega money is unbelievable,” said Singh, who works as an IT engineer for a hospitality firm.

Singh lives in Sharjah with his wife and two children. He said news of his win is yet to sink in and he does not have plans as of now on what he will do with the money.

“Definitely a large part of it will go towards savings,” he said.

Singh said he has been buying a ticket for the Big Ticket raffle every month for the past two years. He works as an IT manager and was at work when Richard, the Big Ticket host, called him. He was pleasantly surprised close to being shocked at hearing the win. In a message to raffle enthusiasts, Singh asked everyone to keep trying. “keep trying and you’ll get lucky! When you dream, dream big!”.

Another millionaire at Big Ticket

On Thursday, September 3, there was another lucky millionaire – Tanya Vitanova from Bulgaria. As the first runner-up, she walked away with a prize of Dh1 million. She is the first winner from Bulgaria.

Next month the draw is for Dh12 million and will take place on October 3.


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