Pakistan plane crash: Police officer who saved others until he fell unconscious earns praise online

A police officer from Karachi is being hailed as a hero after he dug through the debris and helped save others till he collapsed after the horrific Pakistan International Airlines plane crash on Friday.

A tweet from, Farhan Khan, whose bio says that he is the Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) in Pakistan on his unverified account, read: “Unsung hero of Sindh Police. He reached PIA crash site as first responder and took part in the search and rescue operations for hours until he collapsed due to suffocation. Currently he is being treated at Model Medical Center. #planecrash”

The May 23 post included two pictures of the police officer, one supposedly from the hospital bed and stated that he fell unconscious after saving others because of carbon dioxide inhalation.

The cop was reportedly one of the first to reach the scene of the catastrophe and worked there for hours before falling unconscious. The official has not been identified.

People on social media praised the Sindh Police official and sent him their well wishes.

Tweep @MaheenWahab1 wrote: “Thank you to this brave man. May he recover soon.”

Another Twitter user @umar_riaz posted: “Salute to this superman of Pakistan.’

Another picture of an official from Pakistan Rangers has been doing rounds on social media in Pakistan. The image shows the officer carrying a child out of the plane crash site.

The crash of a Pakistan International Airlines plane in Karachi en route from Lahore happened on Friday, days before the Eid Al Fitr holidays when many return home to their loved ones. The PIA flight PK8303 with 99 people on board crashed into a residential neighbourhood of Karachi. Only two passengers survived the crash.

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