Truck full of oil explodes moments after man drives it outside residential area

An Egyptian Motorist has been hailed a hero after averting a fire disaster.

According to local reports, a quick thinking Egyptian drove away a truck on fire before it exploded in a residential area.

Talat Salem, a 51-year-old driver, noticed a fire in his truck while unloading 45 litres of oil at a petrol station. Sensing the worst, he quickly started the engine and drove the truck away from the residential area to protect the people from an explosion.

According to, the man said that in the moment he wasn’t thinking about his safety but about the safety others and the potential threat the fire posed

He drove the truck into the nearby mountains and removed the tank body from the truck.



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Talat added that he realised his life was in danger as the truck could have exploded any moment.

He thanked the civil defence for immediately dispatching 15 ambulances and the residents of the area for helping him control the fire.

The report further said that the damages to the petrol station is worth more than 1 million Egyptian pounds, yet it is nothing compared to the damage that could have happened if the truck exploded inside the area.

The governor of Al-Sharqia governorate, Mamdouh Ghourab, has honoured Talat for his heroic action that saved many lives.

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