Man on trial for trespassing into his own house in UAE

A man has appeared at the Fujairah Misdemeanour Court on charges of trespassing into his own house, from which he had been barred, following family disputes.

As per the court records, the case unfolded when the couple had a heated argument, following which the husband left for work, while the wife approached the court and filed a case against him.

When the husband returned home three weeks later after his work got over, since his wife wasn’t around, he was able to stay there.

However, he was shocked to hear about the case that his wife had lodged against him for trespassing into his own house.

The litigation was moved to the Fujairah Misdemeanour Court where the husband denied the charges and told the court he did not trespass into anyone’s house.

“I was staying at my own house which I own, and stayed there for some time after my week-long work.”

He added that he was not aware of the case filed against him by his wife while he was away.

“I could not imagine that our normal family dispute would end in court and that my wife would file these two cases against me.”

The court ordered the husband to bring a certificate from his work to prove that he was on duty when the other court ruling was issued against him.

The Chief Judge ordered adjournment of the case to a later date until the husband brings the ordered certificate.

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