How a bottle of water landed a UAE hotel guest in court

A guest at a hotel in Fujairah has appeared at the misdemeanour court on charges of assaulting the receptionist.

Court records show that the guest, a Gulf citizen, called the Asian receptionist and asked for a bottle of water to take his hypertension medicine.

“I called him several times and told him clearly I am need to take my medicine, but he ignored me,” the defendant told the court.

The defendant went down to the receptionist to understand why he did not attend to his request.

“He told me he was busy attending to many calls because it was the New Year’s Eve.”

The suspect did not accept that justification and asked about his manager to file a complaint, but “he ignored me again and refused to alert his boss”.

The defendant lost his temper and grabbed the receptionist’s shirt and pulled him.

“I did not assault him. I just wanted to draw his attention,” he told the court, adding that he should have filed a lawsuit against the hotel.

The court ordered adjournment of the case to next Tuesday to issue its ruling.

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