Dubai traveller caught with heroin hidden in tea bags at airport

A 21-year-old man has stood trial at the Dubai Court of First Instance after being caught with more than 1kg of heroin – hidden in bags of green tea – at the emirate’s airport.

He was charged with possession of illegal drugs and smuggling.

The Pakistani man arrived at Dubai International Airport on November 7 last year on a visit visa, the court heard. A customs inspector, who was on duty at 4am on the day of the incident, said: “The defendant’s luggage looked suspicious because of its abnormal volume. The accused was then stopped and his bags were searched.”

Three bags of green tea were found. “We opened the tea bags and found another bag in which there was heroin.”

The traveller was then referred to the Dubai Police anti-narcotics department. He was arrested and has since been detained.

A crime lab report confirmed that the substance was heroin, which weighed 1,145g.

The defendant will be sentenced on February 18.

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