Couples beat each other in UAE in separate cases

Two couples stood trial at the Fujairah court, in separate cases, on charges of beating each other. Both the cases were settled in an amicable way.

In the first case, the husband admitted to hitting his wife saying: “She beat me first. I reacted only in self-defence.”

He added that he had a heated argument with his wife who beat him at the end of it all “showing no respect” to him.

“I defended myself and hit her.”

When asked by the court, the woman admitted to beating her husband. She then told the court that she waived off her right in the case, requesting reconciliation.

The same request was expressed by her husband. He said: “We have children and we do not want to give them more hard time with this litigation.”

In another case, the wife told the court that her husband had thrashed her badly and that had infuriated her.

“I was very angry because I could not defend myself. I threatened to sue him, and I did, but he did the same and brought me to court on similar charges.”

Both litigants accepted the reconciliation offered by the court, and dropped the case, while the chief judge advised the couples to think twice before taking their cases to court.

“Parents are the main pillars of the family and such litigations can ruin their children.”

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