No One-Day 50% Discount On Traffic Fines: Dubai Police

Rumours of the one-day discount spread on social media.

The Dubai Police has denied rumours of a one-day 50 per cent discount on traffic fines, Al Bayan reported on Thursday.

Major Dr. Mohammed Ali Hamoudi, Director of the Call Center (901) for Dubai Police, said that news shared on social media regarding a 50 per cent discount on traffic violations for a day is not true. He added that all motorists can get discounts on their violations by benefiting from the Dubai Police Traffic initiative which was launched in February.

He added that all people must only share news from authentic or official sources instead of sharing fake or incorrect news.

Earlier on Thursday, Dubai Police announced that motorists who didn’t commit any violations for nine months can avail 75 per cent discount on their traffic fines.


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