Man Breaks Leg After Getting Slipper Stuck In Escalator

Fire department took nearly an hour to free the man.

In a bizarre accident, a man suffered a broken leg after his slipper got stuck in an escalator at a mall in Kuala Lumpur.

The 49-year-old man’s slipper got pulled in the escalator which led to his foot being trapped partially, Coconuts KL quoted The Star – a Malaysian daily. According to reports he tried to remove his slipper but it got trapped so quickly that his foot also got trapped into the workings of the escalator.

Fire department personnel were called in and it took them nearly an hour to free the man who was in extreme pain.

In a similar incident in June this year, two men in China had a near fatal accident when the escalator they were travelling on, suddenly started crumbling. The horrifying accident occurred at a shopping mall in the Guangxi city of Wuzhou, China, when the escalator malfunctioned and caused its stairs to collapse.

While in another horrific accident, an escalator in China malfunctioned and almost ripped off the right arm of a toddler who was supposedly playing on the steps.


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