UAE Family Visa Requirements and New Rules

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) announced new UAE Family visa requirements today on Sunday, July 14 for expats who want to get or apply for family visa UAE.

The Cabinet Decision No. 30 for year 2019 regarding expats who want to bring their families in UAE was approved earlier this year.
According to the new policy, not the expat worker’s profession/position but their net income would determine if they are eligible to sponsor the family or not.

UAE Family Visa Requirements:

In the statement issued today, ICA added that male and female expats – who work in UAE – can bring their family (spouse and children under-18 children and unmarried women), if he earns a monthly salary of 4000 AED without accommodation or 3000 AED plus accommodation provided by his company.

The amendment in family visa UAE rules from specific profession to income is highly appreciated by UAE expats.

New Terms for family visa UAE:

All of the family members should have health insurance as long as they’re living with the sponsor in the country.

Their information should be registered with the concerned authorities; they should apply for an Emirates ID as well as they should add them in the population record system.

Required Documents for expats to apply family visa:

1.     Marriage contract authenticated and translated into Arabic.
2.     Birth certificates of children authenticated and translated into Arabic.
3.     A recent proof of salary also known as salary statement.
4.     Salary certificate for expats working at the public sector, and or the work contract with bank statement of the last three months for employees in private sectors.

Requirements for or a woman wanting to sponsor family:

1: She should get a written approval from the husband.
2: A widow or a divorced woman can also sponsor a family; however, she has to submit a (spouse) death or divorce certificate.

3: Need to show proof that she has custody of the children.

UAE Family Visa Validity:

The sponsored family members can stay in United Arab Emirates as long as the sponsor’s residency is valid.
Major General Saeed Rakan Al Rashdi, Director General of Foreigners Affairs and Ports at the FAIC, said that the new family visa UAE decision enables a stable environment for expats in the country, which will in turn raise their productivity and contribution to the national economy.

He added that the decision allows UAE to attract high skilled workers and professionals and make UAE one of the happiest countries in the world.
Al-Rashdi urged residents to abide by the law of the country, and to refrain from illegal activities.
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