Arab woman in UAE dies as speeding car runs her over

She crossed the road from a non-pedestrian crossing area.

An Arab young woman succumbed to fatal injuries she received after a speeding car ran over her late on Monday at Khuzam area in Ras Al Khaimah.

The Ras Al Khaikah Police dispatched a traffic patrol, an ambulance, paramedics, and rescue teams to the site after being alerted of the accident.

Police sources said the victim was crossing the road after finishing her work at a beauty salon.

“Initial enactment of the accident show that the victim crossed the road from a non-pedestrian crossing area.

The driver involved in the accident was speeding and could not avoid running over her.”

The victim was rushed to the emergency section of the Saqr hospital, but she could not make it, and succumbed to the fatal injuries she sustained all over her body.

“The doctors tried to rescue and resuscitate her but in vain,” they said. “She was shortly declared dead and moved to the morgue of the hospital for burial by relatives.”


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