Getting married? This is how to get it registered in UAE

A Marriage Officer in the Indian Embassy/Indian Consulate in the UAE is authorised to solemnise or register marriages.

Q- I am an Indian living in Dubai. If I get married here in the UAE, what is the procedure to register the marriage?


Pursuant to your query, you may approach the Indian Embassy/Indian Consulate in the UAE to solemnise and register your marriage if you are a non-Muslim.

A Marriage Officer in the Indian Embassy/Indian Consulate in the UAE is authorised to solemnise or register marriages under the Indian Foreign Marriage Act of 1969.

In order to register a non-Muslim marriage, the prospective bride and groom need to appear in person/before the Marriage Officer along with three Indian citizen witnesses having UAE residence visas.

They need to submit the prescribed wedding notice – ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ form (which consist of notice, declaration and a sworn affidavit) – duly filed with a prescribed fee.

The to-be married couple must provide NOC from their parents and individually provide four identical passport size recent photographs, photocopies of their individual passport. Further, at least one of the parties must be a resident of UAE.

Post submission of the above forms, newspaper advertisement is to be given by the individuals for publication in local English newspaper as well as English newspaper in India.

A date for solemnisation of the marriage is given 30 days after the publication of the wedding notice which is subject to receipt of no objection.

A day prior to the date of solemnisation of marriage, original passports of the to-be married couple and witnesses are required to be submitted to the Marriage Officer at the Indian Embassy/Indian Consulate.

On the scheduled date, the prospective couple along with the three Indian witnesses should come to the Indian Embassy/Indian Consulate for solemnisation of the marriage.

Any marriage certificate issued by the Indian Embassy or Indian Consulate in Dubai is a valid marriage certificate based on which you could register your marriage in India.


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