Insects found in Indian restaurant in UAE, shut down

The eatery had been warned four times.

An Indian eatery in UAE has been shut down for repeated health and hygiene violations.

The Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) issued a decision to shut down Midin Restaurant in Mussafah area for violating health codes despite repeated warnings.

The Indian restaurant failed to maintain general hygiene of the food stored and apply pest control services, local media reported.

Thamer Rashed Al Qasemi, ADFCA’s spokesperson, revealed that the restaurant stored the food at an unsuitable room temperature and the vegetables were kept in the open – exposed to insects.

He said that the restaurant had ignored four previous warnings, including two sent last year and two warnings sent earlier this year in February and March.

Al Qasemi urged the public to report any health violations they might witness.


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