203 Dubai accidents in 13 hours during thunderstorm

Dubai Police operations room received 5,781 phone calls during the same period.

Rain and unstable weather played havoc on Dubai roads as 203 traffic accidents were recorded from 6pm on Saturday to 7am on Sunday. The Dubai Police operations room received 5,781 phone calls during the same period.

Colonel Mohammed Abdullah Al Muhairi, acting director of the Command and Control Center, said that the traffic accidents were caused due to the fluctuating weather conditions and since the drivers did not abide by the traffic rules.

He urged all drivers to follow the guidelines and instructions issued by departments concerned and check the weather condition forecast before setting out to ensure that they don’t encounter any unsafe road that may trigger an accident.

Colonel Muhairi pointed out that a road mishap could occur during the rainy weather, as driving becomes dangerous due to the low vision and cars can skid on the slippery roads.
He cautioned motorists to avoid all distractions and be attentive while driving during such risky weather conditions.

They should check the cars’ lights and traffic signals as well as leave sufficient distance between vehicles and constantly watch the vehicles in front of them, Colonel Muhairi said. He added the drivers must reduce the speed to have control over their vehicles so they can stop their cars quickly if an exigency occurs.

Colonel Muhairi stressed the importance of using all the lights of the vehicles in the early morning hours. They should use wind sheets to remove accumulated rain water and most importantly, leave for their work early to avoid speeding, he underlined.


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