The Emirati vs Filipina relationship

Before you start wearing the Abaya or posting stories holding hands in his Mercedes, maybe you should know a few facts behind this partnership that you have entered.

Yes I call it a partnership because I don’t believe it contains the building blocks of what may become a valid relationship – most of the time.

Understanding the difference between the Pinoy culture and Emirati culture is important. Emirati men and women don’t do dating, they don’t do hookups. When an Emirati man wants an Emirati women, they tell their mom, do background checks and visit her family villa.

Its all part of a beautiful classic and traditional wooing process that eventually leads to marriage. If he hasn’t done that with you, then you should know where you stand, and where it’s going.

Emirati men are usually shy and inexperienced with women. The Emirati women are not easy at all, they have their pride and culture. They’re not cheap either, they come with expensive demands.

This doesn’t make things easy for the men at all, and with things getting harder, here you come, a saviour. A Filipina woman is, on the other hand, more open, more friendly, easier to approach/get-to-know and have a more simple and open approach to men that is inherited from current Western trends.

Living in a city where a large selection of Arab beauty is congregated, you have got to ask your self, why you? Why would he choose you over the selection of similarly cultured women around him? Everyone knows, that in the UAE’s roaming racism culture, it is normal for a man to hear the phrase “are you dating the maid now?” if he is seen with an Asian girl.

Maybe he just loves Filipinos, but if he doesn’t eat Kare Kare two times a week, then he’s no Pinoy lover, is he? Most probably it’s because you are the easiest and fastest “temporary solution” to his problems. As for you, you’re just loving the attention and enjoying the moment.

You’re happy with how the hard life of the UAE is transformed by him. He makes your days less boring and more exciting. If you fully understand this partnership and what it pertains, then you are good, but if you even think there is a chance of a future, well, there is, but good luck with that – you’re going to need it.

I see a lot of Filipina girls suddenly convert to Islam, start wearing hijab and cheer UAE football games, all for a chance of a future with him. Talking about the future, even if you do marry him, you’ll never become an Emirati, full stop. It’s just how things are.

Your ending is worse than an expat’s ending. Even your children will fight to be recognized as Emiratis. You’ll aways exist in the UAE under his sponsorship. Getting divorced by him means you either go back to the start and find a job or get the hell out of his “country” and say goodbye to the kids.

The “partnership” you are in right now is just a way for him to have a “taste” of a woman before his real journey starts. And while you enjoy all the money he is splurging on you, you should know that it costs him 90% less than he would have to with an Arab girl.

It’s not long before you realize that your objective essentially is to save him money, take care of his needs and entertain him until his parents marry him off some day.


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