Rules for Housemaid Visa in UAE as Per Labour Law

Rules for housemaid visa in UAE:

Do you know when a domestic worker wanted to get employment visa he/she should get a copy of contract which cover Domestic helper insurance policy of 20,000 AED?

This contract should be given to all old domestic workers upon renewal of their contracts, simply who is already working in UAE will also get the copy of contract.

What includes in Domestic Workers Contract:
This contract covers 2 things under below benefits:

A: Insured: Domestic Worker
1: Unpaid End of Service Benefits
2: Unpaid Salaries
3: Unpaid cost of Return Air Ticket to homeland
4: Unpaid Repatriation of mortal remains
5: Unpaid Work related Injuries
6: Gratuity (only if you have New TADBEER Contract from MOHRE)

B: Insured: If TADBEER is the Hiring Employer:
Reimbursement (return) visa cost in the event of
1: Domestic worker absconds or dies
2: Domestic worker failed medical test
3: Cancellation of work permit by domestic worker

Domestic Helper Insurance Coverage Limit:
AED 20,000 any one claim and in the aggregate during the coverage period.

How many Professions are coming under Domestic Workers?
The new list of professions under the domestic helpers or domestic workers include are: (only for households, not companies)

1: Housemaids
2: Private sailor
3: Watchman and security guard
4: Household shepherd
5: Family chauffeur
6: Household horse groomer
7: Household falcon care taker
8: Trainer
9: Housekeeper
10: Private Coach
11: Private teacher
12: Babysitter
13: Household farmer
14: Private Nurse
15: Private PRO
16: Private agriculture engineer
17: Private Teacher
18: Drivers

Domestic Worker Contract Sample:

Domestic worker contract, rules for housemaid visa in uae

Domestic worker contract, rules for housemaid visa in uae
Demand it from your Employer:
As stated above this contract contain important things such as unpaid wages, domestic worker’s end of service benefits, vacation allowance, return air ticket to home country, health insurance, health injuries, overtime allowance if not paid by the employer.

So, it is your right to keep the copy of your contract with you, if not yet provided to you ask for it from your employer, agency or TADBEER center by dialing their hotline.

Employer refused to provide?
If your employer, agency refused to give you the copy of your contract, don’t worry, call direct to Immigration hotline and register complaint.

Abu Dhabi Immigration: 8005000
Dubai Immigration: 8005111


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