Two persons arrested by Dubai police for disrespecting money on social media

The video showed one person throwing Dh1,000 bank notes under his feet while being encouraged by the second.
The Dubai Police recently arrested two Asian men, in their 20s, after they shared an offensive video flaunting and disrespecting money. The video showed one person throwing Dh1,000 bank notes under his feet while being encouraged by the second who was driving the car.

The case was referred to the Dubai Public Prosecution who took legal action against the two suspects. The duo admitted to recording the video for the purpose of flaunting their wealth on social media.

Colonel Faisal Al Qasim, Director of Security Media Department at Dubai Police, said the actions taken by the suspects upset many residents, prompting the police to identifying the culprits.

Colonel Al Qasim urged members of the public to use social media responsibly. He urged users to avoid making posts that may go against local values, cultures and traditions. He also added that such violations are punishable under UAE Federal Law No.5 of 2012 on Combatting Cybercrimes.


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Best friends for 10 years share Dh15 million lottery in UAE

They work in the same company and share the same room in Dubai.
The New Year has begun with a bang for two best friends and colleagues in Dubai who will share the Dh15 million Big Ticket lottery.

Sarath Purushothaman, 34, and Prasanth Surendran, 36, both from Kerala, India, will pocket Dh7.5 million each after winning the biggest-ever Big Ticket raffle prize.

The winning ticket no 083733 in Purushothaman’s name was picked in the raffle draw held on Thursday morning at the Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Winning the lottery together is a double joy for Sarath and Prasanth, who have been best friends for the last 10 years. They work in the same company and share the same room in Dubai.

“We have always borrowed money from each other when we were in financial difficulties. I can also count on him and the same for him as well in all the ups and downs in life. So, this win is very, very special,” said Sarath, who works as a technician in Naffco in Dubai.

And to celebrate the win, both of them are flying together to Kerala on Thursday night to see their families.

While Prasanth’s daughter Sreenidhi will be 28-days-old on Friday, Sarath’s daughter Athira is six months old.

“I think my daughter is my lucky charm. Her name is Sreeinidhi, meaning a precious, divine gift. And it has turned out to be true,” Prasanth, who works as a technical supervisor for the same company, told Khaleej Times.

He is married to Arathi and the couple also has a six-year-old son, Suryakiran.

“I just got back from Kerala after Arathi’s delivery, and now I am happy that I can be there for my daughter’s naming ceremony on Friday,” said Prasanth.

Sarath, on the other hand, cannot wait to see his mother. “I want to see my mum first. When you are extremely happy, the first feeling is to be next to your mother.” He is married to Karthika.

Both friends said they were buying tickets for many years. “We need something to hope for. So, every month we look forward to the Big Ticket draw. This is the third month we are sharing the ticket. We never expected the New Year will begin so differently for us,” said Sarath.

When asked about their big plans, both said it was too early. “We first want to be with our families. May be the immediate plan is to bring them on a visit here,” said Sarath.

When nudged further, Prasanth said he wanted to own a farm house in Kerala.

“We want to do something together as both of us are interested in agriculture. But there is still time for all that.”


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