Good conduct certificate mandatory for UAE work visa

The rule has come into effect from February, 2018.

A ‘certificate of good conduct’ will now be a prerequisite for obtaining a work visa in the UAE, a high-level panel has announced. The decision of the committee, which was approved, has come into effect recently.

The certificate should be issued by the country of origin of the person, or the country where he has been living for the past five years, the committee added. It should then be ratified by the state’s mission, as well as the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

The certificate will only be applicable for the worker concerned and not his/her dependents. Those coming to the country on visit or tourist visas needn’t get the certificate either.

The committee, which includes representatives from multiple government agencies, said the action comes within the framework of the efforts of the UAE government to create “a safer and more sustainable society”.

“Making the UAE one of the safest countries in the world is the government’s main aim,” the committee noted in a statement.


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Over 2700 expats lose public sector jobs , 13,523 have no jobs

December 25, 2018 by ranjith

Kuwait : In light of Civil Service Commission’s (CSC) endeavors to complete the substitution arrangement in government area in its 5-year development plan since the start of fiscal year 2017/2018, a proficient CSC source unveiled that the first year plan has brought about the end of administrations of somewhere in the range of 2,799 expats in different services and other government experts, reported arab times online.

As per ource the Ministry of Education joined a few different ministries in applying the replacement arrangement that prompted the termination of services of 1,507 expats in the first year, which speaks to 54 % of the aggregate 2,799 expats in the segment, trailed by Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs that ended 436 expatriates on July 1,2018 speaking to 16 % of its expatriate workforce.

They affirmed the arrangement requires the termination of 41,741 expatriates, and the quantity of expatriates in every ministry and other government experts fluctuates however 31,171 ostracizes are utilized by the Ministry of Education and four exiles work at the Secretariat General of Awqaf, while no expatriates works in the Ministry of Oil.

In the interim, the Ministry of Finance has consented to expand the financial plan of its wellbeing partner by KD 4,760,000 to take care of the expense for hiring 2,575 non-Kuwaiti freelancer nurses and technicians for fiscal 2018/2019, according to Al-Anba daily.

This move is gone for covering the lack of nurses and technicians in health facilities, mulling over the augmentations and developments seen by the Ministry of Health in the present current period.

13,523 have no jobs:

Agreeing Civil Service Commission (CSC) measurements, the quantity of jobless citizens is as of now 13,523, and the figure establishes 3,540 men and 9,983 ladies, reports Al-Anba day by day.

The daily quoting citing a source certified that about 45.66 percent have been jobless for over a year and 10.31 for a half year or more. The figures shows a sharp decrease in the rate of joblessness contrasted with past fiscal years, according to source said.


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