Wolf spotted on UAE road? Municipality issues statement

Rumours have been going around on social media.

Rumours have been circulating regarding the alleged sighting of a wolf along a road in Al Bithnah village.

The image of a wolf crossing the road in front of a car made its rounds on social media, stirring panic amongst Fujairah’s residents.

The Fujairah Municipality issued a statement regarding the rumour, saying: “We deny the rumour being circulated about the search for the ‘Bithnah wolf’. Residents should directly contact the concerned authority to ensure they have the most reliable information on the matter.”

Reports on Arabic media had been circulating about residents of Al Bithnah village spotting a wolf casually strolling along its main road.

One woman alleged that the wolf tried to approach her car. She thought it might have a broken paw from the way it was moving.

Another resident claimed she parked her car on the side of the road upon seeing the animal. He apparently kept running around her car until she honked at him and scared him off.


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