UAE is the World’s 2nd Safest Country to Visit

A report compiled by ‘Which? Travel’ reveals that the United Arab Emirates is the world’s 2nd safest country to visit.

The report was compiled using data using data from the World Economic Fund, the World Risk Report, NHS Fit for Travel website and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s (FCO).

“Of the 20 holiday destinations that we looked at, Iceland, unsurprisingly, came out as the safest country,” said the report.

“The UAE and Singapore were also considered extremely safe, with Spain the next safest of the six popular European holiday destinations that we looked at. Worst rated were South Africa, Turkey, Thailand, India and Mexico.”

In September it was announced that Abu Dhabi is the safest city in the world, according to Number. Dubai was ranked 11th safest.

Some of the important factors included in these reports are terrorism and natural disasters risks, which may have put extremely safe countries like Japan at a disadvantage, and may damage the UAE’s rating due to the regional conflict.

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