Have Emirates ID service fees changed in UAE?

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship issues a clarification

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship has denied changes in Emirates ID fees for services it offers. The authority issued a clarification after rumours circulated online regarding an increase in fees.

The authority confirmed that the charges in exchange for its services, including issuing, renewal and replacing of ID cards are fixed in accordance with the two resolutions – Cabinet No 14 for 2005 and No (25) for 2011 – regarding the registration and issuing of ID cards for Emiratis and GCC citizens.

As per the two cabinet resolutions, GCC citizens will be issued a five-year valid ID for Dh100, while validity for expatriates ID was connected with the number of years of residence and fixed at Dh100 for each year or part of the year.

These will be added to the charges of filling the Dh70 e-form at typing centres and Dh40 in case of submitting the application for the card through the Authority’s online portal website or via its smart app.

“Charges for renewing the ID to all categories of the customers are the same as that of issuance, while the charges for issuing a lost ID is Dh300, while the charges to amend the printed information is Dhs150 along with the fees for filling the application form according to the channel the customer is applying through”, the Authority added.

The Authority clarified that it doesn’t charge any fees for the service of submitting the application for waiving delay penalties, nor the exemption requests from the service charges to the customers who obtain the social security, people of determination, thalassemia patients and septuagenarians (over 70 years old).

The authority appeals to customers to not respond to such rumors, and emphasized that announcement for any changes in its procedures or services will only be made through the official channels and through its official e-web portal or through local media outlets.

It also called on customers to get updates from official sources, and not fall prey for such irresponsible rumour – and contact the ID authority for details and clarifications.

Residents can contact the ID authority via phone (600530003) or through its pages on the social media network sites or via instant chat service, which is available on its online website as well at its affiliated customers happiness centers across the country.


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