‘UAE will not escalate tension with Qatar’

Military aircraft have switched to alternative routes to avoid future incidents of interception by Qatar
UAE will not escalate the ongoing diplomatic crisis with Qatar in the best interest of the safety and security of the residents, a military official said on Tuesday.

“The UAE Armed Forces will not escalate the current crisis with Qatar. We have instructions not to escalate,” Brigadier General Hilal Saeed Al Qubaisi from the UAE military told reporters at a news conference held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in Abu Dhabi.

He said the UAE military aircraft have switched to alternative routes over Saudi Arabia to avoid future incidents of interception by Qatar.

Al Qubaisi disclosed four separate incidents where Qatar warplanes intercepted emirati military jet planes twice on Dec 21, January 3 and 12.

The revelation come in the wake of renewed tension in the region after the UAE accused Qatar of intercepting two of its passenger planes on January 15.

The two planes, belonging to Emirates and Etihad were heading to Bahrain from Dubai and Abu Dhabi respectively.

Calling it a desperate act by Qatar, the Brigadier General said, “Qatar is under tremendous pressure – politically, economically and socially. They want the Coalition countries to come to the table and negotiate with them. But I can say that these actions will reflect badly only on Qatar. It does not affect UAE.”

The UAE, along with Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt, have imposed travel, diplomatic and trade sanctions on Qatar since last June, accusing the Gulf neighbour of fanning terrorism in the region.



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